BannBodo – you know who they are… the BADDEST band in town are gonna show KL Jam Asia what heavy metal is REALLYl about!


Rizhobium – A band from the Keramat Durjana scene. These guys play damn good traditional trash/heavy metal stuff. Fabulous guitarwork. The most interesting member is Ayen… pure screaming madness (sawan jerit). These guys are brutal with a big ‘B’, and they play a song called “kekejaman” from the Rockers that’s truly mean!!


Nuclear Strikes – You also should know who they are. Read the previous post.

Knight Angel – Ateng & the geng play Helloween covers & other power metal stuff. I mean, these guys are so obsessed with Kai Hense & Micheal Kiske that they can literally give you the A to Z on them. Sometimes they do like “keropok lekor” from Terengganu. Watch out when their Eagle Flies Free!! http://www.myspace.com/knightangelgroup  

Scingcook – When I heard this name, I thought these guys must be joking. But when I got to know them, they proved to be more serious musicians than their name implies. Most of the members have their own exciting stage gimmicks. Expect the unexpected.

I’m sure this night is going to be the HARDEST night to forget… even in your sleep. So come and feast your ears with glorious NOIZE!!