Vinnie Vincent

Maybe most of us don’t know who is VVI? Let me tell you about VVI.

Vinnie Vincent Invasion was a band that featured former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent, due to Vincent’s style of guitar playing the band implemented elements of speed metal.

On the band’s second album, All Systems GoMark Slaughter stepped in as frontman. Also in the band were bassist Dana Strum and drummer Bobby Rock. VVI had a song called “Love Kills” that appeared on the “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master” Soundtrack in 1988.

Vincent was released from the band’s contract with Chrysalis Records for exceeding his credit limit with the label, after which Slaughter and Strum formed the band Slaughter. Bobby Rock has played as a touring drummer for Slaughter, but wasn’t in the initial line-up; after VVI broke up, he briefly joined Nelson, then went on to play as a session musician with other bands. (wikipedia)

If you can see in the video, all guitars are V shape…