What This Blog All About?

It;s all about music & lifestyle. Focusing on heavy stuff.

You are encourage to comment & give me feedbacks. As for bands, if you want me to review your EP/CDs, just email me and i will send you the delivery address. Keep cool ya..

Who am i?

A Pasir Mas Kelantan citizen. Born in Selangor, to be exact Petaling Jaya somewhere in 1970’s. Raised in Kelantan & Terengganu during 80’s & 90’s. Spend my teenage moment in Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Got my Business Administration degree in Univeriti Utara Malaysia. Been working in IT  business for the past 12 years.

A music enthusiast. I do music recordings , a guitarfreak, i do music writings for some local mag & continuously learning . Involved in music since teenager. Managed an AIM nomited band in 2008-2009. Not into politics. Love to travel, scuba & explore various culture. I love good food & cats. I live among happy & fun loving people.

I am against towards insincerity and i hate betrayal.  I believe in pleasure of doing things passionately and truth to our heart. Nothing is easy to get, everything must be earned even a respect and honor. To get love from others, we should give our love.

Disclaimer : All photos/graphics  are copyrighted reserved. Do not used without permission. Thank you.