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The Pumpkins proved it!! At first, my visit to Singapore for this concert was not intend to do any coverage. I was hoping that i can just sit back and relax while enjoying the music. but when we arrive at Fort Canning, the plan immediately changed. There was no “photographer tag” for us to do the coverage even. But for the sake of heavy metal, i did it.

It was 6.00 p.m when we arrive at the venue and i was so curious. Are we allowed to do “just a bit of photo” for my Malaysian metal fans since the security was very stritched on cameras at the door front. But with some discussion & toleration with the organizer, we manage to show to you this memorable event. Thank you to the generous organizer, you know who you are!

Some familiar faces from Malaysian Power Metal scenes are there to. Yes, these guys are the power metal die hard fan. Let get started! Firstly, i didn’t brought any pen nor notepad for this event. So this review shall based on my memory only. The stage was very impressive and the backdrop/props are exclusively brought by Helloween themselves for the tour from Germany, as i was told. Based on their current album Gambling With The Devil, the backdrop was very impressive!

Here are some of the setlist which i can memorized… Helloween , Soul Survivor, Time Marches On, As Long As I Fall, Tale That Wasn’t Right, Danni Loble Drum Solo, A King for 1000 Years, Eagle Fly Free, Bell Of 7 Hell, If I Could Fly, Dr. Stein, Perfect Gentleman, Where The Rain Grows, Power + Keeper of Seven Keys (medley) & Future World

Why i wrote this? it’s just a simple, fun, entertaining & intimate metal concert. Helloween is not just another metal band, the character are just meant to entertain the audience and the two way band and fan was very successful even the number of crowd are not as i expected. Thank you Mr. Deris & co for a very memorable evening!

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October 26, 2007:

After a short breakfast session at KL Sentral, me, Benny and Jai Carbolic Smokeball started our journey to Johor Bharu. We took a rest at a hotel in Stulang, before entering Singapore at 5.00 p.m. At 9.00 p.m, Mustaine started the show with new single Sleepwalker from United Abomination. The crowd started to mosh when Mustaine started riffing with his Dean VMNT. The combination of Glen Drover, Shawn Drover and James Lomenzo is the best since Friedman, Menza and Ellefson era. Mustaine definetely proved that he’s a hell of a front man with his energetic performances. Classics tunes as take No Prisoner, Wake Up Dead and Skin o’ My Teeth was played non stop by them.

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” It take more than my house and Lomenzo’s to burn than to stop us from playing in front of you lovely people” said Mustaine commenting about the fire tragedy in his hometown. this was followed by Washington Is Next. “I hope that you’ll know French” said Mustaine before starting A Tout Le Monde followed by Darkest Hour and Hangar 18. Encore for the night was a modified tunes of Holy Wars with some mixture of the Four Horsemen.

So here’s the full setlist:

1.0 Sleepwalker

2.0 Take No Prisoner

3.0 Wake Up Dead

4.0 Skin O’ My Teeth

5.0 Washington Is Next

6.0 A Tout Le Monde

7.0 Darkest Hour

8.0 Hangar 18

9.0 Gear Of War

10.0 Kick The Chair

11.0 Tornado Of Souls

12.0 Ashes In Your Mouth

13.0 Never Walk Alone

14.0 Symphony Of Destruction

15.0 Trust

16.0 Peace Sells

17.0 Encore : Holy Wars + Four Horsemen





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