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Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil

This is actually my first effort into album review. I bought this CD during the Cash Converter, Ampang opening to replace my cassette collection. Why i choose Motley Crue ? Because this band was one of most important band during  my primary schooldays way back 1983 (i was in standard 3) . Ok, let’s start.

Now this is a classic metal album! In this October 1983 realease, Crue comes back with a killer crunching guitar work, melodic screams from Vince Neil, and some of the catchiest songs of the ’80s.

We move to 2nd track ” Shout at The Devil”, you’ll go nuts with this one..it’s a true heavy metal anthem. “Looks That Kill” flows with a driving rhythm and a masterpiece drumming from Tommy Lee.  Tracks like “Bastard” and “Red Hot” are mind blowing. Starting with “Too Young to Fall in Love,” and then progressing through “Knock ‘Em Dead Kid” and “Ten Seconds to Love,” you have three of the most blistering ’80s riffs in a row. They’ve made Beatles so proud with metal version of “Helter Skelter”. ” Shout at The Devil” is still  a Great stuff!  One of those CDs that needs to be in every metal collection, if simply as a landmark reference point. Hell…yeah I’m right!!