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Quiet Riot Back in Business

A longtime fan of heavy metal, singer Mark Huff came to QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali’s attention while fronting a California-based VAN HALEN tribute band (that focused on the “Sammy Hagar era”). A true Cinderella story, Huff auditioned via a cattle call audition, promptly blew Banali away, and got the gig. After getting the blessing from DuBrow’s mother to carry on with QUIET RIOT (and to celebrate her son’s music), the group was ready to rock once more.

“I’ve been a voice impressionist of sorts,” Huff told The Dalles Chronicle. “Now I’m going to get a chance to put my stamp on things. I’m excited about that.”

QUIET RIOT recently re-recorded some its classic songs with Huff on vocals, including “Cum on Feel the Noize” and “Metal Health”. Huff laid down his tracks at a studio in Woodland Hills, California using one of the last microphones Kevin DuBrow used before his death.

Read more from The Dalles Chronicle.

Check out a sample track featuring recorded versions of “Cum On Feel The Noize”, “Metal Health” and “Slick Black Cadillac” with Mark Huff on vocals.

QUIET RIOT 2010 is:

Chuck Wright – Bass
Alex Grossi – Guitar
Frankie Banali – Drums
Mark Huff – Vocals


Rudy Sarzo, Who?

A man with an ultimate rock n roll heavy metal jouney. He’s been serving bass with 80’s heavy metal household name like Quiet Riot, Whitesnakes and Dio. A book writer too..

A shocking news came to my door this morning. A respected man of 80’s rock, Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot passed away. For the past 20 years, I’ve personnaly admired his passion and dedication towards heavy metal music.  

 Thank you Mr. Dubrow for inspiring me and many others believer. Lets pay him a last respect by listening to Metal Health and his music legacy.

From Yahoo News: 

Kevin Dubrow, lead singer for the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot that scored a hit with “Cum on Feel the Noize,” was found dead in a Las Vegas home. He was 52. The cause was not immediately known.