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Megadeth founder and frontman Dave Mustaine has announced the return of original bassist David Ellefson (1983–2002) to the iconic multi-platinum group. This reunion is appropriately timed to Megadeth’s upcoming historic month-long Rust In Peace 20th anniversary tour which launches March 1 in Spokane, WA. Megadeth will play their 1990 album Rust In Peace in its entirety, in addition to other Megadeth favorites. Ellefson will join Mustaine and Megadeth band members Shawn Drover (drums) and Chris Broderick (guitar) on tour in support of the group’s current CD Endgame, which has received some of the highest critical accolades of the band’s career.

Due on September 15 via Roadrunner Records“Endgame” was recorded at the band’s brand new, self-built studio in San Marcos, California — Vic’s Garage — which was named after the legendary and iconic Vic Rattleheadcharacter.

“Endgame” track listing:

01. Dialectic Chaos
02. This Day We Fight!
03. 44 Minutes
04. 1,320′
05. Bite The Hand That Feeds
06. Bodies Left Behind
07. Endgame
08. The Hardest Part Of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss
09. Headcrusher
10. How the Story Ends
11. The Right To Go Insane

“Endgame” was helmed by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and British producer Andy Sneap (EXODUSNEVERMOREARCH ENEMY,MACHINE HEAD).

October 26, 2007:

After a short breakfast session at KL Sentral, me, Benny and Jai Carbolic Smokeball started our journey to Johor Bharu. We took a rest at a hotel in Stulang, before entering Singapore at 5.00 p.m. At 9.00 p.m, Mustaine started the show with new single Sleepwalker from United Abomination. The crowd started to mosh when Mustaine started riffing with his Dean VMNT. The combination of Glen Drover, Shawn Drover and James Lomenzo is the best since Friedman, Menza and Ellefson era. Mustaine definetely proved that he’s a hell of a front man with his energetic performances. Classics tunes as take No Prisoner, Wake Up Dead and Skin o’ My Teeth was played non stop by them.

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” It take more than my house and Lomenzo’s to burn than to stop us from playing in front of you lovely people” said Mustaine commenting about the fire tragedy in his hometown. this was followed by Washington Is Next. “I hope that you’ll know French” said Mustaine before starting A Tout Le Monde followed by Darkest Hour and Hangar 18. Encore for the night was a modified tunes of Holy Wars with some mixture of the Four Horsemen.

So here’s the full setlist:

1.0 Sleepwalker

2.0 Take No Prisoner

3.0 Wake Up Dead

4.0 Skin O’ My Teeth

5.0 Washington Is Next

6.0 A Tout Le Monde

7.0 Darkest Hour

8.0 Hangar 18

9.0 Gear Of War

10.0 Kick The Chair

11.0 Tornado Of Souls

12.0 Ashes In Your Mouth

13.0 Never Walk Alone

14.0 Symphony Of Destruction

15.0 Trust

16.0 Peace Sells

17.0 Encore : Holy Wars + Four Horsemen





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Megadeth – 08 – Holy Wars + Mechanix LIVE @ Download 2007

Today, as i woke up and checked my myspace, God already fullfill my prayer.

Taken from LAMC Productions:

Get ready for HEAVY METAL DOUBLESHOT WEEKEND in Singapore when MEGADETH and HEAVEN AND HELL play back to back at Fort Canning Park on Oct 26th & 27th!

Tickets will be $85 and go on sale Sept 5th at all Sistic outlets, http://www.sistic.com.sg or by calling (65) 6348-5555! A special “Doubleshot Ticket Package” is being set up for those who want to attend both MEGADETH & HEAVEN AND HELL for $170. If you already purchased a HEAVEN AND HELL ticket you can top up for MEGADETH by just paying an additional $60 (You must present your HEAVEN AND HELL ticket at Sistic when purchasing).

“I have flown through the Singapore Airport twice and both times, I would have given anything to have a guitar and just drive in a taxi to the first TV or Radio station I could find and start jamming!!! I am excited to finally make it to such a beautiful and mysterious land. I can’t wait to meet the people, the fans, the culture, and take a piece of you back with me and leave a piece of me with you.” – DAVE MUSTAINE

* For those who don’t know who’s the hell is Megadeth…read my previous comments about their latest album.

Sincerely, this album was not in my ” along awaited album” list since i was frustrated with Megadeth’s  previous 2 albums. For me, Megadeth has lost their touch since the departure of Friedman, Menza and Ellifson. However, i’m definetely wrong this time as what Mustaine proved in this new album.

“United Abominations” holds some of the melodic nature of Megadeth while leaning slightly closer to the thrashier, “Rust In Peace” era Megadeth. That’s not to say that “United Abominations” is “Rust In Peace II” either. Far from it. Rather what happened is Dave added some speed and thrash elements back into the band’s song writing. The best examples of this are probably album opener “Sleepwalker”, “Never Walk Alone”, “Your Dead” and the second half of “Burnt Ice”.

The riffs and songwriting seem a bit more complex than anything since “Rust In Peace”. Glen Drover’s leads are simply outstanding. I also think that Dave has given us a lot of really good hooks, without sounding forced or cheesy. Tracks like “Sleepwalker”, “Gears of War” and “United Abominations” are reminiscent of some of the more memorable material on “Countdown to Extinction”. I was quite suprise with James Lomenzo (ex-Whitelion) marvelous playing in Megadeth.  The Drover brothers also did a good job with this album. Just beware, Megadeth is back…!!