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Skudap Skudip Recording Pt.1

Yes, i realized that i haven’t wrote anything for past few moth. I’ve been very busy with recording activities at my studio. for the past 2 month, I’ve been producing malaysia own ska/reggae band, Skudap Skudip debut album called “Bukan Sudu Bukan Sudip” consisting 9 great, fun and happy tunes. Thanks to my engineer buddy, Ojoe for his assistance in recording process.

As for today, we managed to finish 3 tracks and 1 live recording. There’s 5 more to go. This album is targeted to be released somewhere in mid July and will be followed by a series of tour. I’ll keep you all update, just visit pekanmayarecords and skudap skudip pages.


Alompak A Go Go 4@Laundry Bar

It was Thursday night but the crowd support just as warm as it was a Saturday gig. laundry bar witness the “power” off promising talents from Royal Town Klang heroes like Zip Zeiller, Skudap Skudip.

Long time surviving band Oddstar also given a good indie performances and the last act ira delivers an entertaining “Gothic style” shows on the night.

Reggae Ska Movement@Criiz Club

Lepas “menapak” di PC fair.   Aku balik tidur sementara kenyang makan lunch. Menunggu untuk explore gig ni. Jam 4.15, aku sampai. Band Skatiku tengah perform cover song filem Ali Setan. Dengan duo girl vocalist, band ini agak special. A good combination of musician, but need more stage precense. Still young, just wait for their improvement.

Soul Rebel! Musik yang agak ambitous. Ska+ Rocksteady yang santai. Dressing ala-ala Madness. However, mood terpotong dari sound yang agak humming and annoying.  


Kini turn Sharpshooter. I have no intention for band scouting that day, but this band has something that attracted me. Musik yang amat sesuai untuk santai dan berdansa. Original muzik yang bakal membuka mata pendengar baru yang inginkan kesegaran. Just give them more oppurtunity, they’ll prove something worth to appreciate!

Well, Skudap Skudip. What can i say? This band is good, i mean damn good. Band ini pandai buat lawak. Don’t waste your money voting to TVs (ehem..ehemm) crap. Come & support them instead.

Familiar faces in Secret Agent 606. Macam aku kenal, tapi di mana ya? These guys are everywhere. An entertaining show. The crowd seems so busy dancing and singing along with the cover tunes.

Agrobeats was very tight. I love the “tightness”. Familiar faces from local scene. Expect more product like these on local music stores, nationwide. Ayy mate!!

Funky Doryz opens the set with a ” Space Cop Gaban” cover tune. Good bass player.

After a while, Sassi the Don performed with Funky Doryz as backup band. Evryday stuff from a radio star. A very spontaneous show.

Last band, Purevibracion takes turn. The Raggae Lions prove that they are the pure raggae band. Yes, this band have already found the “soul of the raggae music”. Their t-shirt are worn everywhere. Sadly, they have to cut the set short due to the time limit.

This gig has proved that raggae, ska & rocksteady has a very good local potential. A very positive movement yet too little time & venue for show. 

For more pictures, do visit my FLIKR photo album!